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Are you ready for the new CMS documentation guidelines on Jan 1st 2021? I am Here to Help!

Asha's Philosophy

We believe practitioners should be able to use technology to make documenting medical encounters as easy as ordering a ride.

Asha will cut through the bureaucracy by capturing data in high fidelity, standards-compliant medical records that will be available in your Electronic Medical Records system or available to your patients and partners through interoperable portals.

Our Offerings

Trainings | Assessment | Asha Mobile App

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Our Offerings

We're availale to cater to your documentation needs. Contact us for tranings, assessments or to pilot the Asha mobile app.

App Features

Reduced Admin Burden = Better Business + Improved Outcomes

Automated Documentation

Asha provides a clean, modern user experience geared towards a practitioners needs when meeting with a patient to generate validated clinical note.

Improved Revenue Cycle

Think of us like turbotax for CMS reimbursement, we'll make sure you don't miss potential revenue due to documentation errors.

Seamless Integration with EHR.

We generate the documents, and after you sign off on them, send them back to your EHR, using the HL7 interoperability standard FHIR.

Stay Up to Date

Whether it is clinical or documentation guidelines, we will update our modules and by using Asha you are constantly up to speed with knowledge and billing!

Optimized Alogirthms

Asha learns what works and what doesn't for you and will get smarter about your practice as you use it giving you new insights and better outcomes.

Connect You to Your Partners.

From patients to other practitioners to CMS and more, we enable your two-way communication with partners to break down barriers to data access.

Our Blog

Stay up to date regarding everything that has to do with physician documenation.

AMA's 10 tips to Prepare for 2021 Documentation!

AMA & CMS have worked together to overhaul Evaluation and Management (E/M) office visit codes for the first time in more than 25 years. AMA recommends practices to follow thee 10 tips for a successful transition.

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Recent History of Physician Documentation

As quality indicators and CMS metrics become more thorough; doctors are required to spend more time documenting medical care. Check out the history of the Patient over Paperwork initative to see what brought us to the recent changes.

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CMS Finalized Policy

CMS have simplified the work associated with visits that are part of ongoing, comprehensive primary care and/or visits that are part of ongoing care related to a patient’s single, serious, or complex chronic condition. This will be implemented in CY 2021.

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We are available for training, assessments and looking to partner with small to medium sized physician practices for pilots.

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